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Beginner Fly Fishing Courses

The beginners course content will be formulated specifically to your fly fishing needs whether on a still water or river, what follows are some of the basic elements which have commonality with whichever type of fly fishing interests you.

Setting Up

  • Learn what makes up a balanced fly fishing outfit and how to set it up including: matching a fly line to the rod, basic knots, leaders and flies.


  • Learning the graceful art of fly casting is a substantial part of, but not the entire course and will cover the basic roll cast and overhead cast with information on where each fly cast is useful, also how each cast can be used in varying wind conditions which can be both favourable & unfavourable.

On the Bank

  • Learn about bank side safety and etiquette.
  • Reading the water is also important to the fly fisher and part of the course will be learning about watercraft and how weather conditions can affect the fishing.
  • Fly selection by observation, learn about water side fly life and how we match the hatch to imitate the Trout's food.

Handling the fish, Is the fish to be returned or kept?
Learn how to return a fish safely to the water after being caught and how to dispatch a fish correctly should you wish to keep it.

All the instruction will be carried out on either a still water or river upon which you can expect lots of banter and chatting about all things fishing to make your session enjoyable, fun and informative without being too formal.

The beginners course will be conducted on a one to one basis, and unless you wish to bring a friend or partner you'll have my full attention all to yourself for the duration of your time on the water.


Part day fly fishing instruction / guiding

  • 1 person: £100
  • 2 people: £150

Full day fly fishing instruction / guiding

  • 1 person: £150
  • 2 people: £230

All of the above costs will be plus fishing fees, if applicable.

Your equipment needs will be catered for at no extra cost.
If you already own suitable equipment, please by all means bring it along with you to the course.

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For corporate functions and groups: contact

EA rod licence required: You can obtain here or at any post office. (Due to data protection I can't purchase on your behalf)

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