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Vic Knight Fly Fishing

Vic is an AAPGAI Master fly fishing, fly casting & fly tying instructor providing fly fishing instruction and guiding on rivers and lakes in the Midland & Wiltshire area. Whether a beginner, intermediate or experienced fly fisher, Vic can provide you with individual or group fly fishing instruction on a part day, full day or weekend course throughout the year. / 07790 281591

1-2-1 fly fishing courses

The BEGINNERS fly fishing course is designed specifically for anglers new to fly fishing or the less experienced fly fisher. The content of the course will be formulated to build a rudimentary but solid foundation of skills to encourage greater confidence when out on the water that can be built upon as you become more experienced....

The INTERMEDIATE fly fishing course is designed for those anglers who already have some fly fishing knowledge but wish to improve their casting and fly fishing skills. The content of the course will be formulated to build on the skills you already have as a foundation with a view to teaching you new casting techniques and fishing styles....

The ADVANCED fly fishing course is designed for those experienced anglers with a sound fly casting foundation & fishing knowledge upon which to build. The content of this course will be formulated to fine tune and further develop your skills to the highest level encompassing the most complex range of modern fly casts and techniques....


Frequently Asked Questions about fly fishing casting tuition
If I could encourage you to do just one thing, that would be to call me, talk about a fly fishing course tailored for you, how to progress, or just get started.

Q: Why should I learn from an AAPGAI qualified instructor?
A: AAPGAI are the most recognised & respected qualifications in the UK. AAPGAI fly fishing instructors have the proven skills to teach you how to fly fish and fly cast correctly. As instructors we are committed to sharing our skills, experience and knowledge with you, helping you avoid the many common casting faults and the frustrations experienced by so many fly fishers.

Q: I have never fly fished before?
A: As an AAPGAI qualified fly fishing and fly casting instructor I'm used to teaching beginners and am sympathetic to the needs of each individual. I'll tailor the instruction to suit you and ensure you have a memorable introduction to this wonderful sport.

Q: I have done some fly fishing but want to improve?
A: I can take your fly fishing beyond the basic overhead and roll cast, teach you to apply the Single or Double haul, Spey cast with single handed rods, Snake Roll, Snap-T and much more, as well as share with you a variety of fly fishing techniques useful on chalkstreams, rivers and lakes for trout & grayling.

Q: How long is the tuition you provide?
A: I offer fly fishing tuition for a minimum of 4 hours (Part Day). I believe this is the least amount of time that would benefit you as a potential fly angler.
(Hourly fly casting tuition is available by arrangement for experienced casters)

Q: Will I be in a group or is tuition on a 1-2-1 basis?
A: All part, full day and extended fly fishing courses are based on a 1-2-1 principle unless you're actually bringing a friend or a partner.

Q: Where will the tuition be held?
A: I have access to a number of chalkstreams, rivers and stillwaters. Alternative locations can be sought by special arrangement but additional charges may be incurred for fishing permits and travel.

Q: I don't have any tackle or equipment, or a rod licence?
A: Don't worry! - All of your fly fishing equipment & tackle needed for your course is provided by me at no extra cost. You will however by law need to obtain a game & course rod licence, you can pick them up for 1 day, 8 days or a full season. Click here to purchase online or visit any post office.

A: Further more... I would encourage you not to make any purchase of fly fishing tackle prior to your fly fishing lesson, you don't want to spend your money on something that may not be suited to you.
I use only top quality tackle giving you the opportunity to try a variety of fly rods, fly reels & fly lines for any given fly fishing situation. With the knowledge you'll have acquired during your lesson, you'll feel a lot more informed and confident about making your first purchase.

A: Although I can provide all of your fly fishing tackle requirements, as an experienced fly fisher you may have already obtained a selection of tackle, I would thoroughly endorse you bringing it with you to any fly fishing course, we can then have a look at it to assess it's suitability, and because you'll also have the familiarity with it having used it on previous occasions.

Q: When is the best time to learn?
A: You can learn to fly cast and fly fish throughout the year. Many stillwaters stocking rainbow trout remain open so you can continue fly fishing once the brown trout season has closed. For the chalkstream & river fly fisher there's also the opportunity to extend your season by trying your hand at winter grayling fly fishing instead.

Q: What will I learn?
A: Having understood how the fly rod, reel and fly line compliment one another, you'll learn how to fly cast correctly ( number of different styles and techniques will be covered based on your ability & experience as a beginner, intermediate or advanced fly fisher ). Watercraft, entomology and all other fly fishing paraphernalia will be covered relative to your tailored individual fly fishing course.

Q: How many lessons will I need?
A: Having discussed and assessed your abilities during the course of your fly fishing lesson, I can inform and guide you as to what further fly fishing tuition you may want to consider going forward.

Q: What is the cost?
A: Part day fly fishing instruction / guiding:
1 person: £100 | 2 people: £150
Plus fishing fees, if applicable.

A: Full day fly fishing instruction / guiding:
1 person: £150 | 2 people: £230
Plus fishing fees, if applicable.

Q: What now?
A: Get in touch. I'll be more than happy to guide you on a fly fishing course that best suits your individual needs

Gift Vouchers

Fly fishing gift vouchers are an ideal way to celebrate any special occasion such as a birthday, Christmas, a retirement or even just to say thank you

In an attractive and personalised presentation card, the lucky recipient(s) will receive an individually tailored fly fishing course which includes 1-2-1 fly fishing instruction & tuition, all of the equipment & tackle required, plus fishing permits

"A popular option for friends & family, all contributing together to celebrate & give the perfect outdoor gift"

Fly fishing gift vouchers:
- The fly fishing gift voucher will be posted directly to you to then pass onto the recipient
- No payment is required for the gift voucher at the time of ordering
- The voucher recipient contacts me direct to organise their fly fishing course date & preferred venue

Why not get in touch to arrange one?



07790 281591